Brexit is Good News for Tesab in USA


In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, there has been a lot of uncertainty around the UK and the impact it will have on the economy in both the short and long term. With a large percentage of Tesab business being export, the weakening of the pound, we have already seen our customers take advantage of their added buying power and this is a trend we expect to continue in the short term.

The longer term effects of this are still difficult to predict but Tesab are in the unique position of being a privately owned company that does not mass produce its products but builds for the customer’s specific needs, which gives us more flexibly in the market than our competitors and so we remain optimistic on the outlook ahead on the back of positive customer feedback at the recent Hillhead show.

With the full extent of the vote yet to be seen amid a cloud of uncertainty, one thing that is for sure currently is that with the dollar strengthening significantly against the sterling, it represents excellent value for US customers and a better time than ever to purchase from Tesab’s range of crushers, screeners and bulk handling systems.

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